Ancient Cultures
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A Video depicting the life-style of the earliest known Texans of 11,000 years ago!

Using on-location scenes and interviews at museums, state and national archaeological sites across Texas, Ancient Texas Cultures Features:

  • Weapons and the art of flint knapping
  • Hunting methods and food sources
  • Description of animals and plants
  • Pictographs and artifacts

Sites Included :

  • Alibates Flint Quarries
  • Caprock Canyon
  • Lubbock Lake Landmark
  • Panhandle-Plains Museum
  • Seminole Canyon
  • Hueco Tanks
  • Witte Museum

DVD : $44.95

Length :27 min

Classroom Activity Sheets Available in reproducible sets Covers State requirements

  • Secondary .......$9.95
  • Elementary...... $9.95



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