Filibusters and Empesarios part 2
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When Moses Austin entered Spanish territory in 1821 with the dream of bringing families from the United States to Texas, he found a rugged land, almost untouched by civilization, even though it had been claimed by Spain for 300 years.

This interactive video tells the story of the Empresarios, men who held contracts to bring settlers to Texas. Led by Stephen Fuller Austin, these businessmen and the settlers they brought carved the state of Texas from the American Southwest.

  • Stephen F. Austin
  • "The Old 300"
  • Mexican Colonization Law of 1825
  • Other Empresarios Grants

DVD : $44.95

Length :18 min

Classroom Activity Sheets Available in reproducible sets Covers State requirements

  • Secondary .......$9.95
  • Elementary...... $9.95


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