Filibusters and Empesarios part 1
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Between 1750 and 1821, world affairs cast their shadows across the Texas landscape. A struggle for the control of North America between first England, France, and Spain, and later the emerging country of the United States, lead to both new boundaries and a new nation.

Set against a backdrop of the French and Indian War, the War for American Independence, and the Louisiana Purchase this interactive video tells the story of the Filibusters, the first men who dared to cross Texas and challenge Spanish control.

  • Philip Nolan
  • Bernardo Gutierrez & Augustus Magee
  • Louisiana Purchase & Adams-Onis Treaty
  • Jean Lafitte
  • Dr. James Long

DVD : $44.95

Length :18 min

Classroom Activity Sheets Available in reproducible sets Covers State requirements

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