Causes of The Texas Revolution
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When Mexico won independance from Spain and wrote a new Democratic Constitution in 1824, Anglo Settelers thought that Texas had a bright future as part of the Republic of Mexico.

But events both in Mexico and in Texas over the next 12 years caused conflict to grow between Mexican leaders and Anglo and Tejano settlers in Texas.


This Video/DVD follows the events leading Texas to independence from Mexico; from the Fredonia Rebellion to the "Come and Take It" cannon, from Anahuac to San Jacinto.

  • Republic of Mexico
  • Seeds of Misunderstanding
  • Fredonia Rebellion
  • Decree of April 6, 1830
  • Turtle Bay Resolution
  • Conventions of 1832 & 1833
  • Austin in Mexico City
  • Trouble in Texas
  • The Texas Revolution

DVD : $49.95

Length :27 min

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