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My Texas K-2

The My Texas K-2 series introduces young students to Texas social studies and the heros, places, animals, and symbols of Texas. VIS Enterprises publishes four colorful books along with a range of classroom activities for K-2 classes. Each title in the series comes in two formats - 5 1/2" x 7" "Little Book" editions for the students and a 9 1/4" x 12" "Big Book" edition for group reading. All books in this series are available in both English and Spanish.


Teach your class about the symbols of Texas. This book contains age-appropriate information about our state symbols, including the Alamo, the Texas state flag, and the longhorn.


This colorful book contains 29 pictures of the Texas landscape. It's a great way to introduce young children to geography and teach them basic map skills.


Kids love learning about the animals of Texas. This book includes information about 14 interesting mammals, reptiles, and birds that inhabit our state. It includes 31 colorful photographs that will capture the attention of your students.

My Texas Series

My Texas Heroes

My Texas Heroes is a great introduction to 22 of history's most famous Texans. Chapters include:

  • Pioneer Leaders
  • Cattle Empire
  • Oil Empires
  • Us Presidents
  • Pioneer Settlers
  • Settlement of the Plains
  • Modern Inventors
  • Astronauts

My Texas Series Video

Student and Teacher

Lessons & Activities

Lesson planning is easy with the My Texas K-2 series. We provide interdisciplinary lesson plans that provide diversification and integrated classroom activities. Each title in the series comes with a reproducible teacher's guide full of activities, including:

  • Pre-Reading Activities
  • Workstation Activities
  • Reading Activities

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