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Special Ed / Special Needs Study Cards
And Map Puzzles Plano, TX

Study Aids That Help Students Excel

Help your students excel with Texas history study aids. We offer special needs study cards, posters, map puzzles, supplemental textbook and more. These materials are designed as a complement to our supplemental textbooks and classroom videos.

Special Needs Study Cards

Special needs study cards are great for test preparation, classroom games, unit reviews, and more. We sell a variety of laminated cards covering all units in the curriculum. Each deck contains 30-40 laminated cards with an emblem in the bottom right-hand corner for easy sorting. There are 10 decks for American history and 15 decks forTexas history. 

Units Covered - Texas History

  • Geography of Texas
  • Native American Tribes
  • Spanish Explorers of Texas
  • Spanish Missions of Texas
  • Filibusters & Empresarios
  • Rise to Revolution
  • Texas Revolution
  • Republic of Texas
  • Early Statehood
  • Pioneer Life
  • Civil War & Reconstruction
  • Texas Cattle Empire
  • Last Indian Wars & Settlement of Plains
  • Oil Empire & Texas Industry
  • Texas Government

Single Deck $6

15 Deck Set $79.50

Units Covered - American History

  • Age of Exploration
  • Colonization
  • Causes of the American Revolution
  • American Revolution
  • Articles of Confederation/ Constitution
  • Federalist Period
  • Democratic-Republican Period
  • Age of Jackson & Manifest Destiny
  • Industrial Revolution & the Reform Movement
  • Civil War & Reconstruction
Single Deck $6.50 10 Deck Set $60.00

Texas History Posters

An eye-catching poster makes a great visual aid for your history unit. Our 11" x 17" posters are colorful and informative. Available individually or in sets, they're great for libraries and classrooms alike.

Map Puzzles

Reinforce your students' knowledge of Texas geography with this fun map puzzle. Completing the puzzle is a unique classroom activity that requires group participation. Each piece is 8 1/2" x 14" and all pieces are reproducible. The puzzle package includes the puzzle sections, a rubric evaluation, and instructions for just $5 per map.

Map Puzzles Plano, TX State Of Texas Map Puzzles Plano, TX